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AIR WATER PLANT & ENGINEERING. services to protect the personal information of its customers and all concerned.

AIR WATER PLANT & ENGINEERING INC. (hereinafter, the "Company") recognizes the importance of the protection of personal information in this society of advanced information communications. The Company fully complies with the Personal Information Protection Law in Japan (hereinafter, the "PIP Law").

Collecting Personal Information

The Company obtains all personal information in a lawful and fair manner in compliance with the PIP law.

Using Personal Information

The Company only uses personal information to the extent of the purpose of use identified at the time of acquisition.

Providing Personal Information to a Third Party

The Company shall never provide any personal information to a Third Party without obtaining prior consent from the relevant customer, unless pursuant to the PIP Law.

Personal Information Management

・The Company shall control any and all personal information in an accurate and safe manner.
・The Company shall implement information security measures in a suitable manner to prevent any and all personal information from being lost, damaged, altered, or leaked in any manner.

Disclose, Correct, Add, Discontinue or Delete Personal Information

The Company shall, in the case of a request to disclose, correct, add, discontinue or delete any and all personal information which has been kept by the Company, confirm whether the customer holds such claims on those requests. When the customer’s claim is confirmed, the Company shall respond with due diligence.

Compliance with Laws and Regulations

The Company shall comply with all laws and standards concerning personal information.

Establishment, Implementation, Maintenance, and Improvement of Compliance Program of Personal Information Protection

The Company shall, in order to implement the principle, establish and enforce a Compliance Program of Personal Information Protection (the Company’s policy, organizations, plans, implementations, inspections, and all systems including reexaminations to protect any and all personal information kept by the Company), and make it widely known to all employees and relevant personnel. The company shall commit itself to the implementation, maintenance, and continuous improvement of the program.
AWP enacted on April 1, 2009