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Our mission is to guarantee a stable supply and quality of gas, from the launch of plants to the operation and maintenance of facilities as well as support in emergency; that is, not to stop gas supply under any circumstances, implementing the following measures so that our customers can always rely on us and our products:

1. Regular repair and checks (preventive maintenance)

We check operation situations of the plants on a timely basis, providing scheduled maintenance services.

2. Proposal-based maintenance (predictive maintenance, corrective maintenance)

We can propose precise and accurate maintenance plans based on the accumulation of data related to gas supply and facilities, offering proposal-based maintenance for minimizing risks and maximizing facility operating time.

3. Emergency troubleshooting support (breakdown maintenance)

For possible operational risks, such as facility stoppage and quality anomaly of supplied gases caused by unexpected problems, we have made an emergency troubleshooting manual for quick resumption of stable operations. We are striving to improve the quality of our technologies through quick response in emergencies and sharing of support know-how for each facility. In addition, in cooperation with a remote surveillance and support center, we have established a system offering around-the-clock support for problems at plants, ensuring a stable gas supply and emergency support to our customers.

4. Improving awareness and skills

We provide necessary education and training to every employee to improve their awareness and skills related to maintenance. As a result, each and every employee carries out their own everyday tasks with pride and responsibility for their duties.