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High-Pressure Liquefied Gas Pump

High-Pressure Liquefied Gas Pump

High-Pressure Liquefied Gas Pump

Product Features

Pumps are designed for boosting the pressure of various low-temperature liquefied gases such as liquefied oxygen, liquefied nitrogen, liquefied hydrogen, and LNG. These pumps are compact with super-high power efficiency and pressure boosting, enabling pre-cooling in a short period. The small NPSH (Net Positive Suction Head) allows minimum pressure loading on the tank and provides stable operation.


Charging liquefied gas liquid to high-pressure vessels, supplying liquids from back-up facilities, etc. It can be loaded on tank lorries.


Model CL-1-75S CL-1-125S CL-1A-150S
Max. Discharge Pressure(MPa) 29.4 24.5 19.6
Discharge Volume(m3/hr) 0.11~0.3 0.3~0.5 0.55~1.5
Maximum Operating Suction Pressure(MPa) 2.16 2.16 2.16