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Air Fin Type Vaporizer

Air Fin Type Vaporizer

Air Fin Type Vaporizer

Product Features

We offer two types of vaporizers, applying aluminum which has good low temperature properties and ultra high thermal conductivity: an ambient air heat exchanger and a hot water type, suitable for evaporating and vaporizing ultra low temperature liquefied gas. Our vaporizers are installed at various high pressure gas production sites and are space-saving units with stable performance.


For plants, auxiliary equipment for the manufacture of various gases, and for the gasification of liquefied gas


Model SF-1~12 LV-10~80 LVL100~3000
Capacity(Nm3/hr) 40~500 10~80 100~3000
Design Pressure(Mpa) 2 2 2
Design Temp. (℃) -196℃~40℃ -196℃~40℃ -196℃~40℃