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V Satellite

V Satellite

V Satellite

Product Features

In order to enable utilization of LNG in remote areas with no pipelines installed, we can construct an LNG satellite base (a facility for storing, vaporization, and delivery), which can be directly connected with LNG containers, providing stable gas supply.
In addition to enabling reduction of the space by 80%, shortening of the construction period by about 65%, and significant reduction of both maintenance period and costs compared to traditional facilities, no permission is required for Class 1 Manufacturing Equipment based on the High Pressure Gas Safety Act.


Natural gas supply for boilers, industrial furnaces, and plant generating equipment


Traditional LNG satellite facilities V Satellite
Main unit dimensions - 3.5×4.5×20m
Installation space 18×10m 6×5m
Construction period 10~14 day 3~5 day
Safety inspection, etc. Annual safety inspection (subject to the High Pressure Gas Safety Act) Regular self-inspection only
Selection of safety inspection personnel Required Not Required

※Safety inspection personnel based on the High Pressure Gas Safety Act